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Q3-Q4 2019: M3QL support

Q1-Q2 2019: Graphite and Prometheus feature parity

  • Ingestion and querying support for Graphite (Added in v0.5.0: #1308)
  • Full support for Prometheus functions (Added in v0.6.0: #1367 and #1373)
  • Tracing support using Jaeger (Added in v0.7.0: #1321)
  • Basic cost accounting: (Currently in master: #1207)
  • Performance improvements: (Ongoing)

Q3-Q4 2018: Dashboards can directly interact with M3 Query or M3 Coordinator to get data from M3DB (Q3-Q4 2018)

  • Write a PromQL parser.
  • Write the current M3QL interfaces to conform to the common DAG structure.
  • Suggest auto aggregation rules.
  • Provide advanced query tracking to figure out bottlenecks.

Q2 2018: M3 Query and optimizations for M3 Coordinator (Q2 2018)

  • Dedicated query engine service, M3 Query.
  • Support authentication and rate limiting.
  • Cost accounting per query and memory management to prevent M3 Query and M3 Coordinator from going OOM.
  • Push computation to storage nodes whenever possible.
  • Execution state manager to keep track of running queries.
  • Port the distributed computation to M3 Query service.

Q1 2018: Launch M3 Coordinator as a bridge for the read/write path of M3DB into open source

Late Q1 2018: V2

  • Support cross datacenter calls with remote aggregations.
  • Benchmark the performance of the coordinator and M3DB using popular datasets.
  • Support for multiple M3DB clusters.

Early Q1 2018: V1

  • Create a gRPC/Protobuf service.
  • Handlers for Prometheus remote read/write endpoints.
  • Perform fanout to M3DB nodes.
  • Tooling to set up M3 Coordinator alongside Prometheus.